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The British Columbia Rockhounder
Official magazine of the
Lapidary, Rock & Mineral Society of British Columbia

Published quarterly

February 2000
Hot opals in cold BC
An exciting new find in the Whitesail Mtns shows promise

Questions & Answers - Solder
Advice on this important jeweller's aid

New find of 'pineapples' in Northern BC
Spectacular quartz crystals and druzes from the Whitesail Mtns

Faceters complete project
The story of the Centennial Tiara created by BC's Faceter's Guild in 1968

A dogwood bud - faceting style
Creating a triangular faceted 'bud'

Finding and finishing ammonites
History and preparation techniques for this Alberta fossil

Around the mound at Tucson 2000
Report on the annual Tucson Gem Show

How gems are classified
A detailed explanation of how gemstones are grouped

Robert Armstrong 1925 - 1999
An obituary

Hector Lasko
An obituary

Club Reports

Nicoamen Plateau
Map and text to find red skinned agate nodules

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May 2000
The great green north
Report on the mining of jade in BC's northern zones

The BC Spring Show
Report on the LRMS-BC's annual extravaganza

The war of the rubies
An update on the ultimate red gem from Burma (Myan Mar)

BC Gem & Mineral Show
Report on the show, held annually in Abbotsford

Why collecting rocks is more fun than collecting stamps
Humorous look at rockhounding

Gem lore - amber
Folk history of this ancient gem

A salute to excellence
The remarkable life of Winnie Espitalier, rockhound extraordinaire

The art of tumbling jewellery
Tricks on getting a perfect finish

Ripple Rock Gem & Mineral Club history
From 1989 to 2000, the club has grown

Faceting designs - Volume 1
Starry Night (M1 gem)

Club Reports

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September 2000
Scenic stone
Patterned rhyolite from Queen Charlotte Islands makes beautiful jewellery

Mapping your way to a new location
Story of finding a new agate site on Summer Camp

Once upon a druzy
A quartz and calcite vug found on Graham island, BC

Why collect gemstones?
Thoughts on the gem craft

Rendezvous 2000
Report on the field trips and show held this year in Kamloops

Iolite: gem of the Vikings
History and technical analysis of 'water sapphire'

Hardness and wearability
Explanation of gemmological terms

Suiseki - is it a form of lapidary?
This ancient Japanese art form is analyzed

Summer Camp 2000
Report on the crocks and rocks found

Geyser Balls
Explanation of this rare geological occurrence found at Summer Camp

PORA Report
Update on the Preservation Of Rockhounding Areas committee

Polishing with CDs
New uses for those damaged Compact Disks

Hot new trends for Public Lands
US trend to be followed in British Columbia?

Rhino-like fossils found in Arctic
Canadian scientists find fossils on Axel Heiberg Island

Gem & Mineral Federation of Canada Annual Convention & Show
Report on the Medicine Hat meet

Victoria Lapidary & Mineral Show
Report on Vancouver Island's largest club event

Jonanco Show
Report on the Nanaimo show

The world of lapidary "monsters"
The largest gold and silver nuggets and their odd histories

Club Reports

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November 2000
Folks, we got trouble
We're losing the right to rockhound on public lands

The liability of staking a claim
Recent changes in the law means you're not liable when someone hurts themselves on your property

Staking a claim in BC
It's never been easier, or cheaper

Cats eye fire is explained

Botryoidal jade: rarest of the rare jades
Exciting discoveries on the BC-Yukon border

Between a rock and the deep blue sea
Sea kayaking and rockhounding in the Gulf Islands, BC

Rare meteorite find in Canada elates scientists
A shower hits Tagish Lake, BC on January 26, 2000

Karst in British Columbia
Description of this calcite-based rock - locations - ecology - human uses

Charoite - a spectacular newly-discovered mineral
This brilliant purple, altered limestone from Russia is making waves

The story of Victoria's building stones
Quarries from around the province have produced stone for the Mother City

Rockin' in Nunavut
The Iqaluit Rockhound Association starts activities

Summer Camp 2000
A retrospective

Field Trip - Coquihalla River
Trip report of November 5th, 2000

History of the Courtenay Gem & Mineral Club
This Vancouver Island club started in 1964, and is going strong

Interesting sites to visit on the internet
There's much to interest the rockhound on the world wide web

Trip to Colorado
A rapid trip rockhounding in the 'Red State'

Club Reports

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