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The British Columbia Rockhounder
Official magazine of the
Lapidary, Rock & Mineral Society of British Columbia

Published quarterly

December 2001
Older and slower?
Not you, but the club you belong to.

A brief human history of amber
This ancient gem was worked as early as 7,000 years ago.

Glaciers and the extinction of salmon in BC
A look at how salmon recolonized rivers after the Ice Age.

The origin of fossils
Analyzing the evidence of early life forms.

Short history of beads and their uses.

The beads of Lewis and Clark
On the first crossing of the US, these explorers chose beads carefully, to barter along the way.

The night before Christmas
A rockhound's plagiarized version of that old classic.

Mineral Museum strikes gold
Report on the special exhibit GOLD! at the Pacific Mineral Museum in Vancouver.

Agates with inclusions - sagenite and plume
A look at North America's favourite rockhound resource.

Dec 2001 frontcover

Dec 2001 backcover

Surrey Club Rock & Gem Show

Ripple Rock Show

Tumble polishing jewelry
Advice when using a rotary tumbler.

Thunder eggs
Unrelated to weather, and not affiliated with chickens.

Club Reports

Lakes District Rock & Gem Club
Special reports on field trips to Babine Lake, Marila Road, Francois Lake and Opal Bed Trails.

Murphy's Law No.3 on field collecting.
The name says it all.

September 2001
The Burgess Shale in Yoho National Park
OK, what's so special?

Hunting those diamond pipes

Rose petal beads
This ancient art form is alive today

Petrifying wood
The process of turning living material into spectacular stone

Good advice bears repeating
The ettiquette of handling cut or polished stones.

Special Report: Damascus steel's lost secret found
An ancient metal is recreated by a blacksmith and a professor

Alberta scientists find prehistoric horse
A dry bed of the St Mary Reservoir reveals its paleo secrets

The Rock Show
A poem by Dick Stata

GMFC President's Report
The new president introduces himself

Sept 2001 frontcover

Sept 2001 backcover

Quesnel Summer Camp Reports:
  • Eric Atkinson's take on the 2001 trip to the BC Interior
  • De Singleton writes about the trip
  • Sharon Hamelin's account of the annual field trip
  • John Bowman writes that a good time was had by all

Club Reports

June 2001
It just kept getting larger
Giant agate found near Nazko River

A Renaissance geologist
So, you thought Leonardo da Vinci was a painter and engineer?

Amethyst and glass insulators
Examining trace elements in man-made glass

Secrets of mineral identification
A humorous step by step guide

The geological occurrence of semiprecious stones
Examines the host rocks containing gems

Feeling the heat in cool Tucson
Report on the 2001 Gem Show

What is a meteorite?
Help in identifying these interplanetary travellers

The Pinchi Fault Line
An important geological structure near Fort St James, BC

Minerals of the wrong feather don't flock together
Suggestions on identifying compatible material

June 2001 frontcover

Junel 2001 backcover

Ammonite and baculite
Explanation of these two members of the ammonoid family

BC Gem & Mineral Show
Report on the Spring LRMS-BC Show

Bear Mountain Field Report
When things go wrong and turn out right

Club Reports

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