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The British Columbia Rockhounder
Official magazine of the
British Columbia Lapidary Society

Volume 8 -- 2005

Editor: Win Robertson

Published quarterly
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Winter 2005
President's Report
Updates on club shows, the GMFC and Rendezvous.
Harley Waterson

Vancouver Island Trip - 1 : the San Juan Ridge pegmatites
Field trip to the pegmatite outcrops NW of Sooke.

Determining the source of gem emeralds.
Dr Bill Cordua
A new test for emeralds allows their historical origins to be traced.

Trailblazer: Joseph Burr Tyrrell, 1858-1957
Biography of this famous pioneering Canadian geologist.

Care and feeding of crystals begins in the field
Julian C. Gray
Good advice on minimizing damage to delicate specimens.

Gems polish because ...
Meryll O. Murphy
The history and theory behind polishing hard materials has changed and is still changing.

Display case tips
Suggestions on how to improve your case's appearance.

Dec 2005 frontcover

Dec 2005 backcover

Pyrite/Chalcopyrite - also called "Fool's Gold"
Scientific description and short history of this attractive mineral.

Enhydros: Terminology that's all wet.
Julian C. Gray
These tiny geo-chemical inclusions in quartz can provide us with a great deal of information.

How to tell your adit from a hole in the ground
Walter margerum
Whimsical explanation of various mining terminology.

Coal - The mineral of progress
HH "Tom" Odiome
Credit to one of the most important minerals used by man.

Back to Basics: Adventures in tumbling
Randy Lord
Experiences with a succession of tumblers and tumbling rough have produced a variety of finishes.

Where did Christopher Columbus go wrong?
Ernest Barnhart
The ancient Greeks knew the Earth was round, and even calculated its diameter, but by the Middle Ages, this knowledge had been lost.

Gem and Mineral Federation of Canada
Code of Conduct for Canadian Collectors Respecting the Earth Sciences

About the GMFC
Summary of the history and activities of the Gem & Mineral Federation of Canada.

The GMFC Report from Ottawa Meetings & the October Teleconference
John Hausberg

Jade Story
From the Hastings Centre "Rocket"
Judy Chen and Brian Matheson's trip to the Jade Festival at Big Sur, CA.

More bones support mini human case
New bone discoveries in Indonesia suggest a dwarf hominid race - homo floresienses.

Buse Lake Blue, where are you?
John Bowman
Field report on a day digging this beautiful blue BC agate.

True North Gems commissions carving for 200 carat Greenland ruby
Vancouver-based carver Tom McPhee is to carve this red rough giant.

Club Reports:

  • Lakes District Rock & Gem Club
  • Ripple Rock Gem & Mineral Club - Norma Weismiller
  • Vancouver Island Zone Meeting
  • Interior Zone Report
  • Thompson Valley Rock Club
  • Richmond Gem & Mineral Club
  • Abbotsford Rock & Gem Club
  • Port Moody Rock & Gem Club
BC Lapidary Society Field Trips 2006

Rendezvous 06: May 19-22

BC Club Shows & Sales

Vancouver Island Gemboree

Summer Camp - Port McNeill: August 6-11

Fall 2005
President's Report
What the BCLS stands for.

Harley Waterson

Challenging the face of BC: The Jadeolin
Arlene Cotter
Taking BC's provincial stone to new heights - Australia's Jade Buddha and Julius Cotter's jade violin.

The many, many names and locations of this variable gemstone.

Cosmetic minerals of ancient Egypt
Dr. Bill Cordua
Mineral pigments in 4,000-year old make-up.

Lazulite or Lazurite?
The differences between these 2 similar sounding minerals.

The treacherous mineral
Dr. Bill Cordua
Why sphalerite got its bad reputation.

From Crystals to Gems
The Canadian Museum of Nature's traveling show is in Kamloops for 4 months.

Oct 2005 frontcover

Oct 2005 backcover

ROCK STARS - George Mercer Dawson
Charles H. Smith
Pioneer explorer of Western Canada.

Gemologists begin appraising Imelda Marcos' jewels
Associated Press
Some of the Philippine's ex-President's wife's jewelry goes on the block at Christie's this fall.

Not forever amber
Cristian Caryl
What happened to the Czar's famous amber panels during WWII?

C2C eyes Kamloops zeolite claims
Cristaline chabazite is in demand.

Club Histories:

  • Cowichan Valley Rockhounds
    Norma Weismiller
  • Lakes District Rock & Gem Club
  • Richmond Gem & Mineral Club
    Hector Lasko
  • Parksville & District Rock & Gem Club
  • Ripple Rock Gem & Mineral Club
    Norma Weismiller
  • Victoria Lapidary & Mineral Society
    Barbara Smith
  • Fraser Valley Rock & Gem Club
    Elsie Young
  • Rendezvous Fever (& history from 1957)
    Marion Wood

Our very own petrified forest.
De Singleton
An exciting field trip in the Kamloops area.

Summer rockhounding travels.
De Singleton
Puntzi Lake with a Yukon extension.

Pseudotachylites: Fract and Friction.
Andrew Alden
An explanation of high friction gouging in cracks.

Edith Greenwood
The Fraser Valley Rock & Gem Club honours an upstanding member.

Club Reports, Shows, Field Trips

A salute to excellence
Gwen Langill
Barb & Murdo Smith have been active and valued members of the Victoria Lapidary & Mineral Society since 1978.

Rockhounding in Oregon
John Bowman
Summer days in Madras and beyond.

Summer 2005
President's Report
The importance of field trips to club life

John Bowman

Golden Hopes & Broken Dreams
Jim Laird
Lost & forgotten mines of Southwest BC, notably Lynn Valley close to North Vancouver.

Eagle Creek precious opal, NW BC.
Randy Lord
Field trip to Burns Lake in 2004.

Lost turquoise of the Mojave
John M. Townly
The history of this blue gem in the New World - notably Arizona, California and Mexico - is described.

Chrysotherapy, Medical Treatment with Gold
Dr. Patrick Lydon
The medical uses of gold are traced through history.

BC moves to protect fossils
Cam Fortems
Kamloops daily report questions if mining interests will trump paleontology.

June 2005 frontcover

June 2005 backcover

Keri Dearbonr
Stomach stones then and now.

Dendrite Mineralogy
Caltech News Release
New research on an old puzzle reveals an absence of manganese oxide.

How do agates form?
Nancy Marie Brown
Geoscience professor explains the physics and chemistry of these beautiful stones.

Cubic Zirconia - something of the history
John Wilmouth
Definitive and detailed analysis of these sparling gems.

"The Gemmys"
Colored Stone & Lapidary Journal's annual awards for stone cutting excellence.

Rockhounds rush opal discovery.
Brodie Farquar
Star-Tribune report on a new discovery in central Wyoming.

Rock Hunting
Al Cowan
Rockhounding from the rock's point of view.

Club Reports, Shows, Field Trips

Spring 2005
President's Report
Fossil management on Government's agenda.

John Bowman
The BC Government is considering legislation to protect fossil sites, and is looking for club input.

Older & Slower?
Ideas to energize your lapidary club.

Flintknapping through the ages
We've had stone tools longer than we've been human
Our predecessor's skills in creating stone tools.

Chips off the old block
Stone tools are older than homo sapiens but are still current.
A look at ancient tools and how their modern counterparts are effective today.

The folklore of flint
Niko Silvester
The use of flint tools in medieval Europe gave rise to many strange beliefs.

Around the mound at Tucson 2005
Report on minerals, people and rumours at the world's largest gem show.

Mar 2005 frontcover

Mar 2005 backcover

Hope Diamond cut from French Crown Jewel
Recent research reveals the world's most famous blue diamond originated as the much larger French-Blue.

Myanmar builds underground museum for largest jade stone
A 3000 ton jadeite boulder is the centre of a new centre, built around it.

History of mining in Canada
A concise account of when important discoveries were made from 1604 to the present.

The Cariboo Gold Rush
Account of the finds and failures from 1860-1898.

Survivor strikes gold on Williams Creek!
The accouont of Ned Stout who prospected and prospered during BC's early Gold Rush days.

The language of love in gems and jewels.
From pre-Egyptian times up to today, men have given women gemstones.

High-Grader from Hades
Anita Collins
Humorous poem.

Petrified wood is created at laboratory
Associated Press report
Put wood, acid and silica together, and you can create fossil wood in days rather than millions of years.

A trip to Juniper Ridge Mine
Guenter Otto
A visit to this fire opal source in Oregon is recorded.

Buse Lake Agate...
Bill Needoba
Short account of a visit to the basalt cliffs near Chase, BC.

I've gotta clean this specimen
Mel Albright
Some good advice on using and not using acids.

History and properties of this blue gemstone.

Club Reports

Rendezvous 2005

Summer Camp 2005

Fossil cleaning tips

Volume 7 -- 2004

Volume 6 -- 2003

Volume 5 -- 2002

Volume 4 -- 2001

Volume 3 -- 2000

Volume 2 -- 1999 Not available online

Volume 1 -- 1998 Not available online

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